Ancient Wisdom Modern Ways.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Yet in these modern days so many are blind to our own power and potential within.

We have been manipulated by sources such as the media to have us focused on the negative side of things so our energy realm is low and negative.

Transform your problems into potential and boost your energy realm.

Meanwhile we all have the power to create our own realities. There are laws governing this Universe that have been around from before time began.

The ancient mystics were aware of this and used these laws to their advantage. It is only in the last decade or so that these laws, especially the law of attraction has been made more aware to the public.

With the proper awareness of how this law as well as many others work, we can change our lives to feel more fulfilled and happy. Stress need not exist, yet as long as we have our focus on the negative low energy side of life, it is inevitable.

To begin with, the law of attraction works by giving you back all that you send out to it. You do this with your energy. You are an energy being and everything else in this world is also made up of energy. In knowing this, you can manipulate your energy to benefit your life condition.

I get so many people asking me why they are not happy, why they cannot seem to get out the rut they are in… I hear thing such as; “it is just my luck”, “my life is always on the fritz”, “I can’t, Im not good enough” and thoughts of like nature…

I tell them to listen to their thoughts and the words they are speaking. Your thoughts are energy too, and as you think, so will you manifest in the physical realm.

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Your thoughts and energy is the vibration and frequency which you are putting out that the Universe matches and gives back to you. So when you think down on yourself, you are simply letting the universe know to give you more of what you do not like about yourself so you can continue to be down on yourself.

Try boosting yourself up. Try loving yourself more and accepting yourself for all that you are and watch what happens. When you do this, you are now telling the universe that you love yourself and accept yourself, hence you will continue to attract to you that which make you feel love and acceptance, as this is the energy through your thoughts and emotions that you‘re putting out.

The law of attraction works all around you, all day everyday whether you are aware of it or not. Why not grasp its power and match it to your power of choice, thought, and emotion to reap all that you desire to live a happy content life.

You; Yes you have the power to tap into your Source Now. Not tomorrow, not the day after. Your point of power exists in the now, don’t waste it on negative thinking when you have the ability to focus on the positive and choose your perspective as to which you will continue to attract to you in the now.

Time to acknowledge and accept your power. We as humanity have been oppressed for too long now! Time to free your mind and even better your heart. It is your birthright to be happy. Why not reach out and grasp your divine birthright now.

Your power lies within, and the control is all in your hands.

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