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Are You Living On Purpose?


When you have a goal and know the reason behind achieving that goal, you find purpose.

Many people only set goals they think they can achieve, others set goals they know they can achieve. In both case these people are selling themselves short.

You have energy within waiting to express itself in the highest form through you. You are spirit waiting to expand through you.

There is no goal that you can make that you cannot achieve.

The only limitation in achieving your goals is your limited thoughts which you have been programmed with along the way to believe. These are the thoughts that affirm thoughts such as… “I can’t”, “That goal is too big”, “I am not strong enough”, and "I don’t have what it takes.” Etc...

These are all thoughts which stem from the ego (Edging God Out). There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have. Within you is infinite potential waiting to be released.

You can release these thoughts by believing in yourself and your ability to achieve anything you want. No dream is too big. Set a goal that you want, not one you think you can achieve.

This will give you the desire to face and push through any challenges faced along the way to achieving your goal.

When you live on purpose you activate the desire to conquer any seeming problem along the way. By just thinking you can achieve a goal, it is much easier to feel the need to give up in the face of adversity.

In order to live on purpose you must re-program your programmed thoughts and ideas which do not serve you best.

You can start doing re-programming your thoughts by analyzing your thoughts, and replacing the negative non- productive ones with positive ones which will benefit you.

You can also use affirmations which you say to yourself often throughout the day to begin to re-program the way you think which will soon become habitual thought which always leads to a belief.

When you believe in yourself, have an open mind and are backed by desire for any goal you set, success is inevitable.

Your thought energy is what is used to create your life. Trick is to focus your thought energy on whatever makes you feel good.

When you feel good, you align yourself with more things which will attract to you to feel good about.

Lack of awareness is the root to not living the life you choose.

Once you understand your inner power, you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities available for you to live a more abundant life on purpose.

Now that you are aware of how to live on purpose….

Are you living on purpose?

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