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Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?


I come across many people that are not happy with themselves. Whether it is because they compare themselves to others or they have been influenced by outside opinions about themselves etc.

There are many different reasons why one might be down on themselves. I want to let you know however, that you are the best You that there is. There is not one person out there with the exact same characteristics as you. You bring your own unique qualities to this game of life.

You have so much uniqueness to offer the world. Why be so down on yourself when you are so special in so many ways? No one shares your thoughts, they are yours alone and you have the power to guide them to serve you best.

You give away your power when you choose to listen to the opinions of others about you as if their truth is your own. You are in control of your life and everything in it, including your inner power and potential.

Don’t let it go to waste by not believing in yourself. Whether you believe it or not you are powerful beyond measure and can do, be, or have anything you choose at any given moment.

Happiness is a choice and you have full power over that choice. Use it wisely or it could get the best of you.



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