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How to Remain Calm During the Storms of Life

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Whatever is going on in the world around us, it is never essential to become lost in depression, fear, or other negative emotions. We are not victims of the world we see, but we do have the potential to encourage and control how we respond. There are easy measures to take that when followed, can readily change our state of mind - and hence affect the world around us.

It is significant to both learn and implement these processes. Depression and fear are both highly addictive. The longer we stay in unpleasant mental states, the more difficult it is to get out of them...Our world shrinks, and we begin to form terrible expectations. We lose sight of our own ability to take charge, to choose actions and beliefs that contradict negativity.

Every individual has the right and obligation to direct their lives in the path of their choosing. The tools provided in this article make it easier. They all lead to the process of grounding yourself. The more we practice these steps, the stronger we get, and the more we recognize negativity for what it is: something with no power other than what we give it.

Grounding oneself is a universal practice. Many forms of exercise, martial arts, and meditation can help align you with peace. They are methods of accessing the fundamental strength and courage that all people possess. In Zen, they say, "Open the treasure house within." This informs us that we are blessed with considerably greater gifts than we now recognize or apply.

Below are a few methods to keep in mind when dealing with the storms of life.

  • Where attention goes energy flows. When you feel negativity creeping in, regain control of your focus. Do not allow it to be absorbed by all the negativity that is presented to it. The power of concentration is the power of life. Spend time each day working on your focus and concentration. Withdraw from the chaotic outside world for a period of time each day and focus your attention inward. Sit with your back straight, don't move, and focus on your breathing. Allow random thoughts to pass through. Do not resist them, but do not allow them to divert your attention. Many unexpected ideas and feelings may bombard you at first, but if you merely observe them and then return your attention to your breathing, they will fade away.

  • Breathing is a powerful method for grounding yourself in the present moment. Count your breaths from one to ten and then do it again. Do this without moving for at least ten minutes. We may halt the scattered mind, which goes from one thing to the next, fears, demands, grabs, and sabotages our lives, by being still. Our grief and dread are caused by a scattered mind. When we refocus our attention, it is merely a part of us and cannot take over our lives. We are strengthening new aspects of ourselves by doing this on a daily basis, which can guide and lead us in a new direction, one of significance and well-being. This lovely time spent with oneself is a simple approach to gaining perspective, seeing clearly, and being rooted in the bigger picture. This period serves as a stronghold against the multitude of mental storms that try and control us. We create a space within ourselves to which we can return for knowledge, power, and comfort. When we let the external world consume us, we are wasting our natural God-given resources.

  • Gratitude will help a lot in conquering mental storms. Depression and gratitude cannot coexist in the same individual at the same time. We live in a jail without bars when our concentration and existence become largely self-absorbed, centering around self-centered dreams, what we need, and what others think of us. Underlying feelings of worthlessness can then emerge, resulting in increased depression, aggression, and stress. As we become more aware and grateful, our focus naturally shifts to all we are receiving, what others require, what we can provide, and what needs to be done. Then we go ahead and do it. We take action. We do not hesitate. When we focus on simple daily actions and "acts of service," the cluttered mind is broken down and brief feelings do not take center stage.

  • An individual's feeling of self-worth is the most powerful cure for psychological anguish. Self-respect develops naturally when we engage in activities that are significant to us. When we act with a thankful mind, we automatically find a personal harmony between our daily acts and our highest values. As they become increasingly preoccupied with what is valuable and life-giving, their creativity and sense of worth grow. They can then handle any challenging circumstance and provide what everyone requires. Living in such a manner makes life feel like a gift, and they become a gift to life as well.

Life doesn't have to be all gloom and darkness. If you are battling your own storm in life, check out MY FREE BOOK What It Takes to Make It to help you out of the negative rut and onto the peace and happiness that you deserve to experience.


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