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Tension-Relieving Techniques

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We've all experienced being emotionally mangled by the weight of day-to-day challenges. With all the chaos, it feels like a constant cycle in which getting ahead in life can leave us with so little energy for simple everyday tasks.

Is basic survival all you can seek in a troubled world? No. Stress is not only something that can be overcome but it can also be used to your benefit. You don't have to flee it, the strategies below will show you how to deal with stress and conquer your mood.

Improve Your Attitude.

The most crucial thing about stress is that it is usually not what is out there that is the problem, but how you react to it. Changing your style of thinking can transform your life from one of tension and discomfort to one of challenge and optimism.

Consider Something Else.

Redirect your thoughts to break the cycle of stress-producing ideas, you must think about something else. Re-shift your focus. Anything will work as long as it breaks the cycle of negative thinking. Change your thoughts and you change your energy.

Ponder on the Positive.

When you're feeling doubtful, think of a former success or achievement. Remind yourself of every good thing you've accomplished in the past and assure yourself that you'll do the same in the future.

Take a Mental Break

Imagine yourself lying in the warm sand on a beach, a refreshing breeze caressing your face and the sweet smell of the sea. It's remarkable how much this can help you relax. You do not have to visualize a beach, that is simply something that makes people feel calm. Whatever works for you in your vision is fine for your mental break.

Deep Breathing

Breathing deeply is an old and effective strategy for dealing with worry and anxiousness. Work at being calm when breathing. When you are stressed, your heart rate increases and your breathing becomes more rapid. Forcing yourself to breathe slowly tells the body that the stress has passed, regardless of whether it has or has not.


Many of us react to stress by tensing our muscles. Although we would prefer to minimize the source of the stress, stretching the muscles reduces the experience of tension - the muscles relax, and we feel less tight.

Play Some Music

Music can be very soothing with its frequencies and messages. It can be used in two ways: to relax or to inspire. Music is a powerful way to ease tension and feel lighter.

No one is immune to the challenges of life, but you do have the power and potential to deliberately choose to be happy and use life's challenges as your stepping stones for growth into a stronger, wiser you. Challenges don't have to control your life in a negative way. If you are ready to see what it takes to make life work for you, check out my Free Book What It Takes To Make It. The book is designed to assist you in gaining clarity and to help to overcome your stress and frustration.

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