How To Reduce Stress and Stop It In Its Tracks.

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Stress stems from you thinking thoughts that do not benefit you.

Once you think of a thought, it brings on a feeling.

It is that feeling that you will choose what to do with and that becomes your emotion, (energy in motion) that you send out to the Universe, which then sends you back like energy to do with as you wish.

Let’s say you have a big interview coming up to land the position of your dreams.

Naturally your nerves may be on edge, your hands may be sweaty with the simple thought of the interview, and this starts to lead to stress.

You start thinking thoughts which are non-beneficial to you, such as , “I will never get this position”. “I just don’t have what it takes”, “there are so many others out there who are better for the position”.

All of the thoughts above are going to bring on a certain feeling. In this case with the dialogue of the sentences, the feeling or feelings that may be brought up are feelings such as doubt, fear, worry etc.

Gain clarity from the negative feelings lingering in your life.

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