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How To Reduce Stress and Stop It In Its Tracks.

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Stress stems from you thinking thoughts that do not benefit you.

Once you think of a thought, it brings on a feeling.

It is that feeling that you will choose what to do with and that becomes your emotion, (energy in motion) that you send out to the Universe, which then sends you back like energy to do with as you wish.

Let’s say you have a big interview coming up to land the position of your dreams.

Naturally your nerves may be on edge, your hands may be sweaty with the simple thought of the interview, and this starts to lead to stress.

You start thinking thoughts which are non-beneficial to you, such as , “I will never get this position”. “I just don’t have what it takes”, “there are so many others out there who are better for the position”.

All of the thoughts above are going to bring on a certain feeling. In this case with the dialogue of the sentences, the feeling or feelings that may be brought up are feelings such as doubt, fear, worry etc.

It is these non-beneficial thoughts focusing on the negative that is bringing your realm down to a lower vibration.

Once you are vibrating at a lower vibration, it is easier for negative energy such as stress and all that comes with it to seep in.

As mentioned above, it is natural for you to get nervous when something is a really big deal to you. This is what usually brings on anxiety and stress.

We begin to overthink everything instead of just letting what is simply “BE” what it is.

So you have an interview. One of the biggest of your life. That is a fact. It is what you choose to do with that fact that makes or breaks your reality and brings on happiness, or stress.

Instead of all the negative thoughts from above that you planted before your interview, try planting thoughts in your mind that will empower you and benefit the outcome you are looking to achieve.

If you are happy with the stress, by all means, stay stressed out and in a low vibration.

However, if you are ready to step out of the rut of stress and begin living in a positive light, then try readjusting your thought process when stress would normally occur.

Since it all begins with the thoughts you feed your mind, you have the power through deliberate thought to deliberately create the way you feel and are vibrating at all times. This takes a bit of effort, but it is possible and very doable.

During the next few days. Listen to and observe your inner self-talk. Take note of when you catch yourself spiraling into a negative thought field. This will give you an indication of where you are vibrating.

If you are vibrating at a high-frequency base, you will most likely not catch too much negative inner self-chat.

Whereas if you are vibrating at low energy, you will most likely catch a few, if not many, negative thoughts passing through your mind during your self chat and you most likely will feel negative feelings.

This is the beginning of observing your inner self-talk to start to reduce and eventually eliminate your stress.

Since as mentioned above, stress begins in the mind, to reduce and/or eliminate stress, you must begin in the mind.

Check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness for more tips, tools, and techniques on how to eliminate your stress.

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