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Tapping Into Your Higher Self.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 30 Seconds


Before you can begin to tap into your Higher Self, you need to know first, that you have a Higher Self and second, where to find your Higher Self.

The Higher Self is The You Beyond You. I know your probably saying what the heck is she talking about.

The You Beyond You means that there is something Greater, Higher, the Real You in the background of all that you are.

Think of it in terms of a movie. You are the character in the movie and there is a Greater Power observing that movie as you play it out in your reality.

This Greater Power is your Higher Self. Or the You Beyond You as mentioned above.

You are the Observer behind what you are experiencing.

If you are still unclear of this analogy, think of it this way,

When you sleep at night, a Higher Power is at work.

You do not have to remind your heart to beat or tell your blood to flow.

It just happens. This is proof of the Higher Source Beyond You and your conscious awareness.

Let’s take a look at another example.

Close your eyes and imagine sitting on a beautiful sunny beach as the warm breeze flows through your hair.

Chances are while reading this you are not on a beach yet were able to maintain a pretty good image in your head of the beach.

And who knows maybe you are reading this and happen to be on a beach doing just that.

One way or another when you closed your eyes to envision a beach, you did so in your mind.

On your mind’s screen so to speak.

This was you being the observer beyond your reality.

You placed a beach in your conscious eye and felt the breeze flowing through your hair.

This is You Tapping into your Higher Self.

You became the observer beyond your reality.

You were able to picture the beach and if you are higher along in your spiritual journey you may have also been able to tap into the feeling of the warm breeze blowing through your hair.

Either way, it is You Higher Self behind the ability to put whatever you want into your mind and perceive a different reality than what you are currently experiencing.

Of course, it takes a lot more than just tapping into Your Higher self to manifest your reality the way you choose, there is much more involved, such as feeling-based work, energy work, and more.

However, for the scope of this article, I will leave it to this for now.

Once you can deliberately and consciously observe the thoughts and feelings you are emitting, you are on the right track to tapping into Your Higher Self to create a life of your dreams minus the stress along the way.

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