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The Art Of Over Analyzing

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We as spiritual beings having a human experience have a habit of over-analyzing and then on top of that we tend to lean towards negativity in our thinking.

Both are detrimental to living a happy fulfilled life.

The mind is a very powerful tool. It can also be your worst enemy if you let it take control of your life.

For those who have found true peace and are living in harmonious alignment with life and all that they desire, they have grown past the mind.

They have realized how to tame the mind and its illusion thoughts.

For the average person when a situation comes their way, they tend to over-analyze the situation.

Not only that, they tend to lean towards negative thought patterns which are detrimental to a clear, confident, and consciously aware mind.

Example: Your boss tells you that they want to talk with you after work. What is your instant thought reaction?

For many, it is something negative such as “Uh Oh!”, “Oh no, what did I do? Or something like “I hope I’m not in trouble”.

This is where the mind starts running a thousand thoughts through your head to make sense of why the boss could possibly want to speak with you.

Once this overthinking has begun, thoughts start to go “downhill” and get negative. Now the person is aligning with negative energy patterns that bring up emotions such as doubt, worry, fear, etc.

When it comes to a person who has grown past the mind and lives a peaceful, fulfilled life, they know that no matter what comes their way, it is what it is and that is that.

They know not to overthink anything but to let it be as it is.

By letting things be as they are with no judgment of what they could mean according to your perspective, you allow things to be as they are.

You are then able to be neutral of opinion and not negatively impact your mind and thought pattern.

By allowing things to be as they are, you have less chance that doubt, worry, and feelings of such will creep in.

This removes you from the cycle of overthinking and negatively aligning yourself and puts you in a space of peace and acceptance.

Once you accept that everything is as you make it, you will learn to deliberately think in a certain way so overthinking and negative alignment is a thing of the past.

It all begins with your thought process and alignment. The rest will fall into place.

If you are ready to stop the thousands of thoughts swirling around in your mind and experience the peace you deserve check out my FREE BOOK What It Takes To Make It. The book is designed to guide you through the mind's chaos so you can gain clarity and peace in your life.

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