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Getting Into The Vortex

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The Vortex is becoming more well-known as time goes by. It is known that it is in the Vortex where all your desires are and that it is key to get into the Vortex before you can be in alignment with and manifest your desires.

The Vortex is the highest happiest place in you. It is the happiest feeling you can attain.

The fullness of life if you will.

It is when you can get into this Vortex of the highest happiest feelings that you can align with your desires to have them become your reality.

Part of alignment is to feel the feeling of already having your desire.

This is a feeling in the vortex. The feeling of 100% faith and confidence that you have your desire.

Bringing on the feeling as if you already have your desire is how you get into your vortex and align with your desire.

By feeling the feelings you would if you had your desire, whether that be happy, abundant, confident, excited, etc. you align with the same vibrations and frequencies that your desire is on.

This is being in the vortex and in alignment with your desire. This in turn speeds up the momentum of your manifestation.

You can also get into your vortex by simply choosing to think happy thoughts and evoking positive feelings within.

This will keep you in vibrational harmony with all that is positive including your desires as they show up in your life.

Once your desires show up, you want to focus that positive energy and momentum toward your desire.

Then, to start the manifestation process you simply ask for your desire. You then have faith in your divine right to have your desire. After that, you detach from the outcome.

The Vortex is not hard to get into, however with all the distractions and seeming negativity out there, it takes a strong mindset and deliberate thought creation to help you get into and stay in the Vortex.

With a bit of practice and some persistence, you will be in your Vortex and aligning with it whenever you choose.

As with anything, the more you practice getting into the Vortex, the better you will get over time.

You are a Powerful Being that has the ability to be, do, or have all that you desire. Time to step into your Power and live the incredible life that you deserve!

For more information about how to be in alignment with your vortex check out Learning the Law of Attraction.

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