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The Truth About Pleasing Others.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 20 Seconds


Truth is it is good to make others happy and see them smile in their hearts.

However, what if you are pleasing everyone else and forgetting to tend to your needs?

This is where confusion kicks in. Here you are helping others and putting yourself out there to be of service, but you seem to feel empty and less fulfilled than you had assumed.

Maybe you are even beginning to feel frustrated or angry in life?

These types of negative emotions are normal when it comes to putting yourself on the “back burner”.

You may begin to feel invisible and somewhat worthless. You may get stripped of some of your self-esteem.

All of this is avoidable if you just take out some of that energy that you are giving to others to make them happy and to have, be or do something that will also make you happy.

Although life is about everyone’s life we touch along the way and how we make them feel.

The key to being successful at being of service and pleasing others, is to not forget about your # 1-star player – YOU!

You cannot fully be of service to another if you are not powerfully and positively aligned in your own life.

If you are not aligned and fully happy in your life, the ego (edging God out) will kick in and have you feeling very low energy and unhappy.

Before you try to reach out to another, ask yourself “Am I In A Good Place?”

If your answer is yes, ask yourself –“Am I In A Good Place?” If your answer is yes, ask yourself – “Am I truly Alright with the decision I am about to make for another?"

If you answer no to the questions, then regroup your consciousness and see where needs to be worked on.

Maybe it’s your time and you have to take more of it for yourself, or maybe you are in a negative mood because you did not get the raise you inquired about at work.

The point is , if you are off from a positive powerful alignment, do the necessary work on yourself before you move forward and help others.

By helping others with out taking care of yourself, you will eventually dig yourself into an emotional rut with is of no benefit to anyone.

It is to everyone’s advantage especially yours that you offer your kindness and service to others when you are happy with yourself and where you are in life.

Anything less will just make you feel bad while trying to do good.

You owe it to yourself to be happy in the process of making others happy

It All Starts Within You!

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