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How To Manifest Miracles Now!

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The universe is a big bowl of energy. Energy that attracts and repels. That is how dreams are either manifested or avoided. To better illustrate this concept, imagine carrying a walkie-talkie.

Although two people can be miles and miles apart, they can still talk to each other. How can that be, since there is no connection between one another? The illusion is that they are separated, however, the truth is, that they are still connected invisibly by a stream of energy.

Depending on the strength of the frequency, the louder and clearer they can communicate with one another. That is assuming that both are communicating on the same channel. Life operates the same way. When we have a desire, we send a frequency to the universe, and the universe responds to us immediately.

Most people would argue that their requests are not being granted. The truth is, that each request is always granted, what they don't seem to understand is that their request is either not clear or that they may be operating on a different channel or frequency. You may ask, how could that be? Simple.

On a conscious level, we send our request. On an unconscious level, we decide which channel we are communicating on. For example, "more money" might be set on channel 3. So consciously people would be broadcasting, "I desire more money." The challenge is, they are broadcasting it on channel 5.

That being the case, what governs the channels unconsciously? Our beliefs. The universe is always giving you that which you "believe" you deserve, not that which you desire. When what you desire and what you believe are the same, the universe will manifest it immediately? Why, because all you need to do is ask, and you shall receive. And once you are aligned with your desire you will receive it.

So how do we change our channels unconsciously so that our request will be matched? The same way we created them. We created our beliefs by using life experiences to which we attached a meaning. For example, we asked someone to dance and the person said no. The truth, is, there are many reasons why that person said no. It could be that she/he had a partner, or that she/he was shy. Who knows, she/he may have really wanted to dance with you but was embarrassed. Notice that the reasons had nothing to do with you. However, most people take things personally or just add their own story.

In this case, since the person might have felt rejected, he/she might have thought that there was something wrong with him/her. And since the feeling was not pleasant, the person uses that as a reference point which stops him/her from asking someone else to dance.

So later on, he/she wants a loving relationship which can be broadcast on channel 7, however, his/her beliefs operate on channel 2 which avoids relationships due to fear of being hurt.

To change that belief the person would need to change the channel to let's say 4 which might be, "giving a chance to just meet someone." Once they see how the universe brings someone into their space, use that as a reference for future requests. That way a new belief is being cultivated so in the future, that person is operating on a frequency that is more consistent with the frequency he/she is broadcasting consciously.

That is why the rich get richer because once they have attuned themselves to the frequency of abundance, they simply keep attracting more of that abundance which solidifies their belief. It becomes a never-ending cycle.

Where attention goes, energy flows. Keep your energy aligned with your desire and you will be manifesting miracles in no time.

To aid you along your journey of manifesting, check out Learning The Law of Attraction where you will be taught how to work with your energy to align with what you want.

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