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5 Ways to Eliminate Worry

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Are worry and doubt taking over your mind?

We all worry from time to time, and worrying may never cease. However, there are several particular ways to stop right now. It is important to acquire tactics for breaking the energy-sucking habit of worrying.

1. Take immediate action. Any action taken towards a goal tends to reduce anxiety. Thinking about your objectives or plans too much, especially if you focus on the obstacles, will drive you to worry and stress. Of course, you should prepare carefully, but when planning becomes worrying, it's time to do something constructive. Take action!

2. Make firm decisions. If you want to quit worrying about unresolved situations, you must make decisive actions, and even incorrect judgments may be more effective than doing nothing at least you learn this way. When you finally decide to quit that job, buy that property, or make that phone call, you often immediately alleviate the stress. Nothing crowds and clogs your thoughts with concern like pending decisions. Make them now, or at the very least begin gathering the information needed to make them happen. If they turn out to be bad decisions, simply learn from the mistake and create new choices.

3. Make use of mental categories. Too many thoughts racing through your mind? Make a list of them and you might feel better. It works nicely for many of us who are anxious. When you stop obsessing about something and set a time to work on it or simply write it down, it is easier to let go of it for the time being. Put that phone contact you need to make on your to-do list for tomorrow, and you'll feel less stressed. You're essentially forming "mental categories." In fact, simply telling yourself, "There's nothing I can do about this until Monday," might categorize a fear as "nothing to worry about right now."

4. Deal with difficulties immediately and directly. When genuine difficulties arise, attempt to tackle them head-on and fix them as soon as possible. The longer they linger, the more momentum is built up around the challenge. Once enough momentum has built up, it is difficult to defuse it before negative energies kick in such as worry, frustration, doubt, anger, etc.

5. To alleviate worry, meditate. Meditating is an excellent method to unwind and de-stress, but what if you don't have time for more extensive meditation practices? Don't be concerned. Simply close your eyes, relax your muscles, and take several deep breaths through your nostrils. That's all. You are more powerful than you may know and have the power to conquer the worrisome thoughts that plague the mind at times.

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