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How To Be Your Best!


So you want to be your Best! Yet may not know how to be.

To be your Best, you need to Align Yourself To The Best You.

When it comes to being your best the trick is to align to the best you possible. You see, you seek the vibrational alignment of your desire, not the desire itself. It is the feeling of having your desire in the now that attracts it to you and manifests it in this physical realm.

Everything you are living right now is in response to the vibration you are sending out, the story you are telling if you will. If you are not happy with where you are right now and what you are being, you can change it by beginning to change the way you think.

By changing the way you think, you will change the way you feel. When you change how you feel, you switch your vibration. Your vibration is the feeling, you are feeling. It is your vibration that the Universe picks up on to send all things which are in the same vibrational alignment back to you.

So for example if you are feeling low self-esteem and want to feel confident, act and feel as a confident person would. What does it feel like to be confident? What types of things make you feel confident? Surround your thoughts with those which make you feel confident.

As you get into the feeling of confidence you align yourself vibrationally with a confident you. Source/ The Universe then sends you things to continue to make you confident. It matches the vibration you are sending out and sends it back to you.

It is all about your vibrational alignment. That is the trick to manifesting all that you want, including the Best You.

Although this article covers how to be the Best You, the theory works for anything and everything.

The theory above can be used for whatever you want to manifest. All you have to do is feel how it feels to already have your desire, no matter what that may be!

Think yourself into your perfect vibrational alignment with whatever you choose, give your thoughts and feelings momentum and you will begin to attract your desire towards you.

In doing this you will find many false beliefs will float to the surface of your mind. For example, you may try to get into the feeling of having a lot of money, yet your false beliefs will make it very hard to start believing and getting into the feeling as if you already have the money you claim. This makes vibrational alignment difficult.

You need to remove those false beliefs and then replace them with thoughts that benefit you and speed up your manifestation.

Check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness to reclaim your peace and happiness and live your best life.


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