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There Is No Reason To Seek That Which You Already Are.

It is an old truism that if you seek happiness, you do not find it. For all this seeking, this quest for a spiritual technique which will make life more bearable, is an escape from its fundamental experience. Krishnamurti therefore asks one question “You belong to this or that religion, you cherish such and such a belief or ideal: you behave in a certain way in accordance with certain rules or standards, WHY?” Almost invariably the answer must be that it is because we are afraid and do not like to admit it; because there is a conflict between ourselves and the world, and somehow or other we want to come out on top. Yet the more we oppose the world, the more we look for salvation from it is I it were somehow different from us, the more that conflict is increased.

~Alan Watts~

Extracted From: Mystics Of Today



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