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You vs. Your Higher Self

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 36 Seconds


You are most likely to answer with your name. I am so and so. This is a natural response for one who is attached to the body. One who thinks they are the body naturally accepts the body as their truth.

If you have been following my teachings, you know that we are not the body. Yet so much more.

How? You may ask. Good Question!

By asking yourself the right types of questions you soon discover that there is something beyond the body helping it to function. When you ask yourself “Who am I?” you know you are not the body so now who are you?

At this point, you may be thinking of course there is.. Mind! And technically yes you are right, mind is beyond the body, but you are something beyond even that!

There is something that keeps the heart beating at night as you sleep, or that keeps the blood flowing in your veins. Your mind is not consciously aware that this is happening, so what is it that continues to function so perfectly and in sync with all?

The Absolute.

Therefore, you are not separate from the Higher Self. There is simply a veil over your awareness of it.

You can begin by removing this veil by asking the right questions and earnestly seeking within for the answers. One of those questions being “Who am I?”

So, the you that you think you are as the “body self” is not real. It is an illusion perceived by the mind. The Real You is the one who is at the foundation of all. Absolute Reality.

All struggle and suffering come from this mind illusion. When you learn to recognize the Self working within and beyond you will notice that you will no longer suffer your experience nor will you feel the type of feelings felt when accepting that you are the body.

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