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The Illusion Of Loneliness

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Everyone in their lifetime experiences loneliness at some point.

Some face a harder journey than others when it comes to feeling alone.

Although you could be in a great relationship or have all the support you need while being single, sometimes emotional loneliness will still creep in.

This feeling of loneliness is brought on by your thoughts.

Whether your thoughts are that you have no one to turn to in this physical reality, or maybe you feel that no one will understand you even though you have a good support system, either way those type of thoughts are non beneficial for you. They end up leaving you feeling all alone and vulnerable.

This alone feeling then turns to possible disappointment and eventually leaves you with a sad feeling in your emotional realm.

The good news is that you are beyond this physical reality.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and you have a very powerful partner along your journey with you every step of the way.

This Powerful partner is infused in your energy. Source energy or God if you will.

That is who is with you, working through you always.

You are connected to everything that exists. We all are. Therefore, we are never alone. To be alone is impossible.

It is the thoughts produced in the mind of how reality is being perceived that brings on the feeling of loneliness.

Once you focus this energy of loneliness outward it becomes emotion (energy in motion) which then makes you become what you believe to be alone.

You are connected and a part of the Whole.

Just like the wave is part of the whole ocean yet comes to the shore to break before merging back into its whole, you to are part of Source energy/God and you are simply forgetting this powerful truth and drifting away from your True Source (God) when feeling loneliness and all alone.

You have to opportunity to tap into your connection with your powerful partner whenever you choose.

Your powerful partner never leaves you.

This leaves you with an infinite option of where you can turn when your thoughts and feelings from the ego (edging God out) bring on the emotion of seclusion and sadness due to feeling alone.

Consciousness is the energy where everything begins.

You have the power to tap into your consciousness and plug it with whatever thoughts you choose hence deliberately creating your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

You have the power, through the proper conscious awareness to beat the illusion of feeling alone.

You are connected to everything and your powerful partner is with you at all times.

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