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How To Know If The Higher Self Really Exists

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There is so much confusion as to what the Higher Self is and if we even have a Higher Self.

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of the Higher Self and your Truth of being aligned with it.

First of all, Yes we all have a Higher Self.

God / Source / Spirit, if you will, is flowing through you always and is always present working with you in life to support and assist you in your higher purpose.

To prove this point, think about when the fetus is growing in the womb. It is all good and taken care of without the mother having to consciously think about it.

Or what about when you go to sleep at night? Your blood still flows and pumps through your veins, your heart still beats, and none of this you are doing consciously.

What about something as simple as your breathing? Could you imagine having to consciously remind yourself to breathe along with the millions of other things that you are used to doing?

Many people would be in trouble if we had to be conscious of each breath we take let alone having to remind ourselves to breathe.

All of these wonderful miracles are proof of the workings of your Higher Self.

That is what I meant earlier when mentioning that your Higher Self (God/ Source/ Spirit) is working through you and with you always.

Your Higher Self is that which sends you those small nudges in your gut when you are thinking, or about to do something that may not be beneficial to you.

The Higher Self is always present and is in communication with everyone always.

Your message from your Higher Self could be a lyric in the next song you hear that really resonates with you, or a book that may draw your attention on the shelf of a bookstore.

It could be a message you get within the next thing you watch on TV or sending the message through a person is also a way your Higher Self will communicate with you.

The message can also come from your superconscious.

There are many other ways the Higher Self communicates with you but for the scope of this article, I will keep it at that.

The challenge is picking up on the messages that Your Higher Self is sending you.

Many people let the messages slip right on by and they feel that a Higher Self does not exist for them.

The key however is to learn to be open-minded enough to pick up on these messages from the Higher Self when they are sent to you.

Once you begin to become the observer of your environment and of your reality, the sooner you will learn to know and eventually be able to tap into your Higher Self.

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