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Overcoming Negativity!


We all face what seem to be negative experiences.

What is important is what we do with that seeming negativity.

Some let it eat away at them making them bitter and cold-hearted. Others allow it to be a stepping stone for them to grow. Either way works. It depends on which way you work it.

You always have a choice!

When negativity arises, you have the choice in the present moment as to how you are going to react or respond.

You have the choice to react by letting emotion take over and lower your energy field by getting upset, angry, even, etc.

You also have the choice to respond without snapping to react. In able to respond you must take control of your want to react in high emotion and pause and think before you proceed.

By staying calm, you keep your Power and can move forward with Strength, Confidence, and Clarity.

By reacting and getting upset, you give away your power by lowering your energy. By getting upset you have allowed whatever it is that got you upset to take control of your emotional state, hence taking control of your Power.

You are too special to be giving away your Power so easily!

Next time you find yourself faced with negativity. Stop and observe how you are perceiving the situation. You have the choice to let it make you or let it break you.

You have the choice to become bitter or become better. Choice in itself is a Power you have.

Next time you face negativity what will you choose?

For more tips, and tools to help overcome your negativity and reclaim your peace and happiness check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness.



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